ITM Power: How Hydrogen Green Energy is Supporting Key Workers

by Editor, Lina Kurdi.

See how this clean fuel storage company are helping key workers in their commutes during COVID-19.

ITM Power, the clean fuel and energy storage company, is doing their part in supporting COVID-19 efforts by keeping their clean hydrogen refuelling stations open. As stated by Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power: “We should all recognise the contribution made by the UK’s key workers who are keeping the country running in these difficult times. Keeping our hydrogen refuelling stations open means that we can play our part in helping them continue to work, for the benefit of all UK citizens.”

ITM Power provides clean hydrogen fuel for Green Tomato Cars, an eco-friendly taxi and private car hire service, which is currently supporting key workers in this COVID-19 pandemic by helping them travel to where they are needed.

Jonny Goldstone, Founder of Green Tomato Cars, has nothing but praise for Green Tomato Car drivers: “We couldn’t be more proud of all our drivers, who are going the extra mile every single day as part of the capital’s efforts against COVID-19 – we normally call them our Zero Emission Heroes, but now they’re being doubly heroic!”

ITM Power’s hydrogen refuelling stations also provide clean energy for the MET police FCEV vehicles. As well as keeping us safe from crime in this COVID-19 pandemic, the Met Police are important for reinforcing lifesaving lockdown measures. In their duty to ensure citizen safety, the MET Police have not forgotten another significant threat to humanity: the climate crisis.

Jiggs Bharij, Head of Fleet Services, Metropolitan Police, said: “Fulfilling our duties during the coronavirus lockdown does not mean that we should abandon our commitments to lowering carbon emissions. We salute all those key workers who are keeping us all going.”

Ensuring zero emissions

ITM Power has a system in place, which ensures a zero-carbon footprint. Electrolysers generate hydrogen fuel on-site, using renewable electricity and water with the fuel dispensed at the station where it is generated. This system also ensures there is no further use of transport infrastructure, which is currently under pressure due to COVID-19.  

Hydrogen fuelled cars also play a part in reducing air pollution as the only emission is water vapour as Goldstone, comments: “Our zero emission fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles, we can get people where they need to be to keep us all safe and well, and, at the same time, help provide London with cleaner air to breathe.”

Lina Kurdi

Lina Kurdi is an Editor and Senior Writer at CleanTech News with a primary focus on renewable energy. Lina became interested in sustainability initiatives in 2012, when news of global warming dominated the headlines. From then on, Lina has paid close attention to cleantech developments and the impact they have on protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants. With a particular interest in energy, Lina passionately believes renewable energy is the way forward into a sustainable future with net zero emissions.