Meet the Team

Maisie Law is Editor-in-Chief here at CleanTech News. Maisie is keen to start making an impact on the developing CleanTech revolution by combining her interests in sustainable development and writing. Through her legal background, Maisie is acutely aware of the political and policy changes that need to be made to drive the earth towards carbon net zero. Equally as crucial to our mission, and the focus at CleanTech News is the sustainable achievements of those from start-ups to corporates, as she aims to champion and provide a platform to celebrate carbon reduction.

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Camy Sandford is an Editor and Senior Writer for CleanTech News. Camy’s focus for sustainable development is longstanding, growing stronger as the realities of the global climate crisis have become more apparent. With a diverse background in the field, she remains most passionate about driving carbon reductions through behavioural change. Firm in her belief that small-scale collective change can have a huge impact, her focus at CleanTech News will centre around finance. Keeping readers up to date on cutting edge innovation, she aims to encourage and support global corporations to bring sustainability to the forefront of their agendas, shining a light on successful current initiatives.

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Helen Adams is an Editor and Senior Writer for CleanTech News. A keen journalist, Helen developed an appreciation for the need for change in the battle against climate change after travelling and is passionate to communicate this through her work at CleanTech News. Now studying for her NCTJ Journalism MA, Helen wants to champion clean developments using her writing. Presently, Helen is developing her data journalism, video-making and podcasting skills which she is looking forward to incorporating into her role as Editor.

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Lina Kurdi is an Editor and Senior Writer at CleanTech News with a primary focus on renewable energy. Lina became interested in sustainability initiatives in 2012, when news of global warming dominated the headlines. From then on, Lina has paid close attention to cleantech developments and the impact they have on protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants. With a particular interest in energy,  Lina passionately believes renewable energy is the way forward into a sustainable future with net zero emissions.  

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Izabela is Editor and Senior Writer at Cleantech News with a Masters degree in Journalism. Izabela believes that Cleantech News is doing is vital work to support the change the world as we know it. Clean Technology is becoming more advanced by the day, and Izabela is showcasing these new inventions, startups and accelerators through journalistic finesse. Izabela is passionate and dedicated to this industry and looks forward to what the future might bring.

Esther is a Senior Writer at CleanTech News. Esther first discovered cleantech when in Italy, she worked with companies to integrate existing business practises with new sustainability initiatives. Her passion for environmental protection has grown much since. Through her writing, she aims to shine a light on how corporations, start-ups, and individuals alike can champion sustainability through clean technology. With her grounding in science, she looks to bridge the gap between academia and industry practise in clean technology with her focus on tech innovation and has even founded a startup herself.

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Catherine Gray is a Senior Writer at CleanTech News, eager to be part of the important discussion around clean technological advances, promoting and celebrating the things that can be achieved. Catherine is particularly interested in how writing can have an impact on people’s lives and hopes to make her own mark in the CleanTech community through championing new innovative technologies. With huge admiration for companies and individuals with the dedication to make positive advances towards a carbon net-zero future and an advocate for sustainably in day to day life, Catherine looks forward to being actively involved in the CleanTech community.


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Joe Gallop is a Senior Writer at Cleantech News with a degree in Journalism & English Language. Joe has a strong interest in technology, sustainable development and transport, and is fusing these interests with his strong writing and communication skills whilst at CleanTech News. Joe is fascinated by how clean technology continues to grow and make a difference in the world and he relishes the opportunity to work with various industry experts.  

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Laura Stoškutė is a Senior Writer at CleanTech News and a startup enthusiast with a passion for building sustainable businesses. Laura joined the CleanTech News team with a mission to help spread the word about young and growing companies working towards a greener and better future. Her diverse experience drawn from tech companies across financial, legal and energy sectors informs her creative approach to work. She enjoys meeting new people and hearing new perspectives from business owners who create environmentally-friendly products or services and encourage social good.

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Marketing Team Leader - Carl Mayhew

Carl is the Marketing Team Leader at CleanTech News, working alongside the team to develop an innovative digital marketing plan to accelerate the online presence. Specifically, Carl is putting his knowledge of SEO, analytics and team leadership through his academic background in management to good use. Raising awareness of the rapidly growing cleantech industry to the CleanTech News community and global audience is an important target for him as he looks to have a positive impact, striving towards reducing global carbon emissions.

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Social Media Manager - Andreea Sîrb

Andreea is a Social Media Manager at CleanTech News. With her experience and skills in online marketing, Andreea handles our online presence on Facebook and Instagram and with her passion for design, she helps in creating all graphics needed for our exposure on all channels. She first encountered the subject of sustainability in her education, being first acquainted with Corporate Social Responsibility. Her passion grew from there to volunteering and helping environmental organizations to a more sustainable future to now finally managing to combine her professional skills in marketing with her passion for sustainability in helping CleanTech News.

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Social Media Manager - Adhokshaja Kale

Adhokshaja Kale is a social media manager at CleanTech News, putting her expertise to use through outreach strategy building on our Twitter and LinkedIn. As a curious explorer in the field of marketing, she has dabbled in very varied experiences ranging from internships at different startups to Vogue, India followed by working in the gourmet field most recently.
Her deep interest lies in strategy, communication and analytics. However, her innate search for newer and exciting experiences has brought her to CleanTech New, alongside her desire to help establish a cleaner future.

Newsletter Editor - Rebecca Broad

Bex produces the weekly CleanTech newsletter, curating our top stories to be delivered to your inbox every Friday (click here to sign up). Rebecca recognises the difficult global environment of over-information and seeks to deliver valuable, engaging, content. Her passion is for conveying the incredible progress of the sustainable revolution, a focus she came upon while specialising in science communication in her BSc. Bex helps a variety of organisations to communicate better and sits on the board of trustees at Devon Wildlife Trust.

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Chief Operating Officer - Karin Künnapas

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